About us

We were established in Estelí in 1988 as an Unemployed Women Instructor’s Cooperative. In 2007, a second school was opened in Granada, Nicaragua’s main tourist hub as well as the oldest colonial city in Central America.

All instructors are very knowledgeable in Teaching Spanish to Speakers of other Languages. Our team of teachers has been carefully selected, according to their academic qualifications, experience, and personality. Most our staff members are graduates from UNAN (Universidad Nacional de Nicaragua) and UCA (Universidad Centroamericana), two of the most prestigious universities in Nicaragua.

Our Spanish and Cultural programs are tailored to fulfill each student’s needs and expectations. Our language program focuses on speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension.

In CENAC, there are eight levels of Spanish: beginner (a,b), advanced beginner (a,b), intermediate (a,b) and more advanced. We offer our students an integral and functional method of learning that allows them to communicate and to interact in any Spanish speaking environment. We like to think of our classes as a bridge that unifies cultures.

Our cultural programs encourage students to learn about the life and customs of our country. We offer lessons in Nicaraguan cooking and latin dance; both of these activities provide the student with a unique view into our lives.

We will hope you will enjoy our program.


The CENAC staff and founders