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Study Spanish with native speakers! All ages and nationalities welcome!

  • Study Spanish with native speakers all ages welcome – all Nationalities
  • CENAC offers Spanish in small classes or One on One instruction
  • Classes for all levels and need.
  • Some activities and excursions included in the price.
  • Optional homestays.
  • Volunteer work after two weeks of study.
  • Free wireless Internet in the School.
Students from all over the world like you have used CENAC for more than thirty four years, from the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, England and Asia. Our Spanish program is tailored to meet the individual needs of the students.
Study for one week or more. After taking a Spanish placement test, students are placed in small classes or with private teachers. Spanish classes are generally held for four hours each morning, although students can arrange with their teachers a time that suits them best.
If you would like to study five hours or more per day please contact the director of the school. 


  • We are open year round.
  • Our representative in Managua can meet our prospective students at the airport.
  • Our host families attend regular workshops.
  • They are willing to provide homework assistance and help familiarize the student with the neighborhood.
  • CENAC’s instructors are very patient and professional.
  • Our teaching program is based on modern research in Second Language Acquisition.
  • We offer inexpensive classes on Skype.
Language learning is not only a product of habit, nor does speaking necessarily guarantee communication.